Welcome to The Armoury Gym.

We at The Armoury Gym are part of a community of like-minded people who enjoy the physical and mental challenges that are created by Arsenal training.


Who is The Armoury Gym?

Hi our names are Nicky and Graham and we are the owners of The Armoury Gym. We have been involved with running the gym for a number of years and after managing the business we decided that it was time to take on the challenge of owning it.

Supporting us in our vision of helping the community is a great team of coaches who are all professionally qualified CrossFit coaches. We are all about the community and families and helping them making changes so that they can live better and healthier lifestyles.


Where is The Armoury Gym?

Our box (gym) is situated at the Hawkes Bay Regional Sports Park which is located on Perceival Road, Hastings. This is only five minutes from central Hastings and ten minutes from Napier. The Napier-Hastings Expressway is nearby the sports park making it easier for travel purposes.

We are fortunate in that we have amazing facilities at our fingertips with an international running track (no dodging cars on busy streets), an international hockey turf and space for Africa.

Our facilities are first class with several toilets and showers at our disposal. This is perfect for those who want to train before work or during their lunch break.


What is Arsenal?

Arsenal is a fitness regime which improves fitness, health and wellbeing. It is a measurable system of increased work capacity (intensity) across broad time (variation) and broad domains (types of training).

If you want to change your lifestyle and make a better you, then we challenge you to give it a go.

Contact us to find out how you can join The Armoury Gym!